What is Lauffeuer?

Lauffeuer is a project I developed with my friends Tobias Sturm, Vitali Kaiser and Philipp Serrer at university. It is mainly about an idea, a concept we thought of but we also made a prototype for Windows Phone.

So what is it about?

When catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis arrise, our usual communication network is highly damaged. Meaning that in most cases no telephone, no mobile phone and no internet work anymore. What Lauffeuer provides is a way to communicate in such situations when communication is required the most.

And how does it work?

We use smartphones to create a spontanous, decentralised network. As neither the cellular nor the telephone network are working we use Bluetooth or AdHoc Wifi.

What does that mean?

Now with the help of Lauffeuer you can write a message to another person and save it on your phone. Your phone will constantly search for other phones near you via AdHoc Wifi. If another phone (that is also using Lauffeuer) is found they will connect and all your messages will be duplicated and send to the other phone. After the synchronization both phones will have the same messages stored and your message will be passed to the other person.

Now the other person will find another phone soon and synchronize with another phone, so that other phone will have your message too. Repeat this a couple of times and your message will be spread quite fast similiar to a wildfire (german: Lauffeuer) until your original recipient will receive your message.

Except your Recipient, no other person on the way can read your message as it is encrypted.

So what’s next?

As Lauffeuer is mainly an idea it is put on hold at the moment. It would be great if Lauffeuer is implemented for all kind of operating systems such as Android, iOS, etc and is on everyone’s mobile device. That would be quite cool.

And what was your role in this project?

As a team we developed the idea, the concept, the design and architecture together. When coming to the implementation we split the tasks. I was mainly responsible for the GUI and the controller that uses all the other modules and controls the workflow of the application.

Anthing else?

I can proudly tell you that we were awarded the 2nd place of the national Microsoft Imagine Cup in the category Windows Phone in 2012. Furthermore we got 2nd place at Zukunftspreis Kommunikation 2012 (translated it means something like future award for communication)

Imagine Cup Zukunftspreis Kommunikation

Tell me more!

Here are some articles, presentations and documents about Lauffeuer that might interest you.

If there’s anything else you’re interested in write us an email! We still have lots of presentation slides, documents, etc.